Athlete's Foot Prevention and Treatment

What is it?

Athletes foot is a common foot condition. It is a fungal skin infection which is usually mild and easy to treat.

What are the symptoms?

The skin becomes red, itchy, flaky, with dry patches and can last upto 10 days.

Where does it affect?

Usually between the toes but can spread all over the foot.

Secondary problems

The skin can form cracks, blisters, swelling of the skin, burning or tingling sensation. It can also spread to the toe nails causing a fungal infection of the nails,which causes them to become discoloured dry and crumbly.

What causes athletes foot?

Fungal infections multiply and thrive in moist, dark humid environments, shoes are an ideal breeding ground. People who play sports are often prone to it, hence the reason for calling it athletes foot, as a result of wearing trainers and sweating feet.

How do you treat it?

There are creams, sprays and powders available for treatment that can be purchased from a chemist or chiropodist. If it spreads to the nails it is advisable to see a chiropodist to confirm diagnosis, and advise of the appropriate treatments.

How to prevent athletes foot:

  • Wash the feet thoroughly on a daily basis
  • Dry the feet especially in between the toes
  • Change and wash socks/tights daily
  • Spray the shoes with an antifungal spray
  • Avoid wearing plastic shoes, and shoes that are tight fitting so as to allow the feet to breathe

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